The 7th day without Noura..

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Global day in solidarity with activist Noura Aljizawi:

It is moments like this, when life starts to loose its meaning..When anger spills over hope..When frustration breaks all barriers..

I said over and over that the word humanity and any meaning to the word was long gone, lost and destroyed.

But today, especially, I feel it more than ever..Today is the 7th day without our heroine Noura, the 7th day not knowing how my princess is doing, is she eating or sleeping .. Is she warm or cold .. Does she need anything because I’d give my life for her

This is humanity.

When the purest of human beings, a female, the most sensitive, hardworking, caring, sweet, generous and honest of human beings .. Disappears .. And we turn a blind eye and push it underground .. We know she and others suffer as we try to ignore and move on .. We say, there is nothing we can do.

Humanity? When Noura taught us the meaning of the word. When the girl herself taught us lessons for life and left us head down in shame.

Humanity? The thing she tried to revive and rebuild and make me believe it still existed somewhere, all it needed was hope.

Hope..Is all we have now..Hope is all I can hold on to..Noura taught me hope..Always..”Keep your hope and faith in God strong”

That is what I am doing..And will continue to do…

Until I see her beautiful self free, until I hear her voice again and laugh when she laughs .. Until I hear her having a rant then bursting into tears .. Until the orphans hear her sing to them once again ..

Until I can hear her say “I am Noura…I am free”

Rose xx

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