Freedom for the Syrian jasmine.. Noura Aljizawi

Not many women at the age of 24 would turn their back to a great life and education, only to end up in a brutal Assad cell at risk of sexual assault and torture.

Noura Aljizawi is my sister, and yours..and yours..and yours..yes and yours.

Noura Aljizawi was one of the first women to leave her life behind her, leave her education, her work, her friends and her scholarship..for the sake of human beings suffering, aching and striving for freedom in Syria.

Noura Aljizawi is one of the first names to fly around 1 year ago, and a name that jumps from tongue to tongue, town to town, city to city and country to country today.

Noura Aljizawi is a name that sheds with every tear of a raped woman who is given aid and support and sang with every laugh of an orphan child.

Noura Aljizawi is a name that is carried in the bread fed to the starving children and the blood transfusion given to a man near death in a field hospital only to save his life.

Noura Aljizawi is the name shaking in the elderly woman’s hand who has now been given medication for her diabetes and the name drawn on walls by deprived school children who now have books to read.

Noura Aljizawi is the name that is read in every prayer every hour of the day by the family who lost their home now provided with shelter.

Noura Aljizawi was the voice of the women, children and the voice of every oppressed human being inside the prison Syria.

Noura Aljizawi is the name that keeps Bashar Al-Assad awake at night and makes the criminal security officers shake with fear.

Noura Aljizawi is the name that has shaken the world in a way never seen before and the name that has given the revolution a new meaning.

She is in an Assad dungeon for the sake of you and I. For the sake of a better future for your children and my children..A better future for our mothers, fathers and siblings.

Noura Aljizawi gave everything she could for the sake of the suffering people of Syria.

Will we really move on and leave her in the hands of the most brutal malicious barbaric men on this earth? Can you sleep at night knowing she is being held by Assad satans in an underground dungeon?

For Noura Aljizawi…Homs…Aleppo…Damascus…The whole of Syria…In fact the entire world…Should be shaking with anger.

Noura Aljizawi is Syria and Syria is Noura Aljizawi.

From someone who has never met Noura, half way across the world:

We are all Noura Aljizawi.

Her page:

Rose xx

5 thoughts on “Freedom for the Syrian jasmine.. Noura Aljizawi

  1. Weeping throughout this article, and raging. How dare they? All too easily, the barbarians. Noura Aljizawi is an angel.

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