We in our own hands are destroying the world.

If there’s 1 thing we should fight for with our flesh and blood, our lives our souls, our money and everything we own, it’s to protect children from any harm. I can’t believe how normal it is for people to watch the horrors Syrian children live through and suffer every hour of every day. The […]

Main videos of the UN observers presence in Homs today 21/04/2012

Main videos of the UN observers presence in Homs today 21/04/2012: A photo from today, UN observers with Lt. Abdulrazzak Tlass, commander of the Free Syrian Army Al Farouq battalion today in Homs. He is on the left. On the far right is activist Omar Altelawi, an arabic speaking citizen journalist inside Homs. ============================================== ============================================== […]

Dear UN observers…Go to Homs NOW

This photo was taken in Homs today – Stood out for me as he is severely injured and still protesting despite the shelling – holding Bashar’s picture being burnt. Alkhaldiyeh in Homs and other parts of the city are being blown to pieces right now and have been for days since the UN official observers […]

A translated report about the martyred activist and cameraman Ahmad Abdallah Abdallah.

A translated report about the martyred activist Ahmad Abdallah Abdallah – Aldumayr 14/04/2012 Damascus suburbs: Aldumayr |Saturday 14-04-2012| The city was raided by Assads forces accompanied by tanks and army transporters from the early morning to carry out their vast arrests in the western area “Harat Albalad” and the northern area “Altalah Walarab”. The brave activist […]

Two cameramen killed in Syria today as the Assad regime continues to attack civilians – 14/04/2012

Two cameramen, citizen journalists inside Syria, were killed today by the Assad regime forces. These men risked their life many times to allow the international world to become aware of the crimes being committed by the Syrian regime inside Syria where foreign media is prohibited.  The Syrian regime continues to attack civilians – 14/04/2012 ============================== Homs:  […]