Alwaar, Homs – 1st urgent call

Another urgent call

The regime forces have stormed many homes in Alwaar [Homs] and detained dozens of youth. This was the safest area for refugees. The detained youth are being held in Albarghouth building by regime forces, the regime is storming several homes right now and has covered the streets with pro-regime slogans.

It should be noted that the area of Alwaar is only civilians (no FSA or clashes) approximately 3/4 of the internally displaced Homsis fled to Alwaar with many sleeping in the streets and alleyways. The regime is now storming homes.

If we look back a few days, this happened in the area of Alqsoor in Homs which had 6 schools full of refugees. The regime 1st stormed Alqsoor by foot, then the regime spread snipers on roof tops & then shelled it leading to many deaths .. but this also led to the already homeless refugees in Alqsoor (who fled shelling already) .. fleeing again – this time to Alwaar.

Today begins the start of the attack on Alwaar, the final try of regime to push out the internally displaced Homsis once and for all. This clearly is the regimes final try to empty as much of Homs so it can put in place its sick plan.

This is leaving all our families and friends and neighbors homeless with the dead being bombed in their graves and the injured dying of their wounds or being operated on with no anaesthetic in random bedrooms and kitchens turned into field hospitals.

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