English – The most important events for occupied #Homs 23/03/2012

The most important events for occupied Homs 23/03/2012

4 planes were seeing flying at low altitude over Homs today, and most of Homs [city and suburbs] was subjected to intense tank shelling especially Old Homs with a focus on Bab Dreib, Bab Sba’, Alsafsafeh, Alwarsheh and Alkhaldiyeh.

Intense shelling on Homs via tank shells and mortar shells

A victim of a sniper shot

Alkhaldiyeh: The shelling resumed from the early hours of this morning with the same brutality as before, several explosions shook the neighborhood and planes flew at low altitude – this all led to no protests taking place on this Friday. Several homes were targeted today leading to their destruction and burning. Several martyrs and injuries fell due to shelling.

Mohamad Abbas Alhaj Younes funeral:

Trying to save an injury

The shelling on Alkhaldiyeh – burning of homes

The neighborhood faces severe shelling by Assad forces

The martyr Hamza Alareishi:

The martyr Imad Allbabede

A house is hit during shelling

Shelling nearby Khaled Ben Alwaleed mosque

Destruction caused by shelling

The deteriorating situation of the neighborhood

Filming of where the shelling begins and where it ends

Tank shelling on Alkhaldiyeh

Alkhaldiyeh – injuries

Mortar shells on Altaqwa mosque

Smoke rises from Alkhaldiyeh

A home burns as it gets shelled

Abdulnaser Qamheya farewell

Alsafsafeh: Smoke rose above the skies of this neighborhood as the homes burnt during the brutal bombing campaign on the area.

Targeting of homes:


Alsafsafeh: During shelling

Bab Sba’: A martyr from Teir Maleh died due to a mortar shell. He was 23 years of age and was delivering aid to the people of Bab Sba’. His funeral took place in Teir Maleh

Khaled Ahmad Alhassan

Teir Maleh: Bidding farewell to the martyr Khaled Alhassan

Teir Maleh martyr Khaled Ahmad Alhassan

Old Homs: Videos showing the effects of shelling and the destruction

Smoke rises from the closed Souq

The sound of shelling on the ancient Souq

Bab Hood: The effect of shelling on the neighborhood

Shelling of Old Homs

Bab Tadmur: Heavy shelling

Bab Tadmur: Raising of the Hezbollah flag in different parts of Homs via Assad shabeeha [thugs]

An injury due to a mortar shell

Assad’s terrorism on Bab Dreib and Bab Tadmur

Abo Moath sends a letter to the families of Homs especially Karam Alzaytoon

Alqsoor: The Assad militia in coordination with the air force intelligence in the area have stormed several homes and taken the homes over there especially the homes facing the main road to Hama (the eastern side). Also several homes and buildings facing the air force intelligence building northern side were stormed and taken. Assad militia placed several new snipers on top of these newly taken buildings (both northern and eastern Alqsoor)

Spread of snipers on the rooftops:

The martyr Abdulnaser Jamal Qamheya:

A shell falls on one of the cars injuring those nearby

Heavy gunfire breaks cars


Shells fall on the neighborhood of Albayada

Children are now refugees due to them fleeing

Alinsha’at neighborhood:

The destruction of one of the buildings during the times under siege

A new checkpoint set between Baba Amr and Insha’at by Assad forces

Alqusair: The city was hit with mortar shells, tank shells and missiles from missile launchers targeting civilian homes accompanied with heavy gunfire leading to 11 martyrs in a few hours and more than 35 injuries from them critical. More than 25 homes are severely damages and 5 homes are fully demolished.

The schools hit by shells:

Smoke rises above Alqusair

A whole family is injured due to shelling

Destruction of Christian and Muslim homes

Some of the martyrs of Alqusair

What is left of the head of martyr Ahmad Farhan, graphic

Tanks in Alqusair:

Direct targeting of homes via tank shells

Destruction of homes in Alqusair


Farewell of martyrs of Alqusair


Effects of shelling

Targeting of mosques during Friday prayers

Praying under shelling

With the singer of Baba Amr, those left who are able to protest came out today

Alrabee Alarabi neighborhood: Raad Hamed Alfaouri was martyred today due to a sniper shot.


Videos we received of protests on “Friday of we are coming Damascus”



Almalab Albaladi:

Wadi Alarab:

Alqsoor: despite the shelling and fleeing of people, some still came out in protest

Insha’at – one from Alfirdaws mosque and the other from Qibaa mosque

Alwaar Aljadeed – Omari mosque

Alwaar Alqadeem


Joret Alshayah





Qalet Alhesn



Alrabee Alarabee


Evening protests in Homs tonight




Names of martyrs some died today and some names were just received today:

– Martyr Noor Qebjee – Bab Sba’ 21/03/2012
– Martyr Imad Noman [from Alraqqah] died in Alkhaldiyeh, Homs 22/03/2012

– Martyr Mohamad Dalal – Homs, Alkhaldiyeh

– Martyr from the family Jokhdaar – 65 years of age – Homs – Bab Sba’ – found under the rubble.
– Martyr Khaled Ahmad Alhassan – 23 years of age – Homs Teir Maleh – Died in Bab Sba’

-Martyr Hamza Alarsh – Homs – Alkhaldiyeh

– Martyr Mohamad Khalid Aldablaan – Homs, Aldablaan
– Martyr Shadi Mahmoud Alsaad – Homs, Alrastan – due to shelling
– Martyr Mohamad Abbas Haj Younes – Homs Bab Turkman
– Martyr Abdulnaser Jamal Qamheyeh – Homs, Alqsoor

– Martyr Raad Haamed Alfaoori – Homs, Deir Balbeh – Sniper shot

– Martyr Ahmad Alsaqah – Homs, Bab Sba’
-Engineer – Martyr Ibn Hussam Khazam, from the Christian faith killed in Homs
– An unidentified martyr from Alsafsafeh

– Martyr Ghazwan Aljahjaah – Homs, Alqarabees – Sniper shot
– Martyr Ahmad Dahal – Homs Karam Alaytoon – executed
– Martyr Abdullah Dahal – Homs Karam Alzaytoon – executed
– Martyr Ahmad Mahmoud Qasmiyeh – Homs, Palestinian camps – executed
– Martyr Rakaan Riyadh Haboos – Homs, Joret Alshayah
– Martyr Kanan Ikhwan – Alqsoor, Homs

Old videos received today due to cut of internet

Effect of shelling on Old Homs and the ancient Souq as the mortar shells hit 22/03/3012

What is left of the Sheikh Saad mosque

Alwadee Road

Alwaadi Road – burning of homes by Assad thugs

Alwaadi Road, a home is demolished and exploded

Alwadee Road – how homes have been destroyed

Alwadee Road – effect of shelling

Bab Hood and the effect of shelling

Alsoufi mosque and Abo Moath makes an urgent call

A whole building in Bab Hood was shelled

Bab Hood – effect of shelling and families flee

Bab Hood – destruction

A martyr cannot be pulled after a sniper hit him. Bab Sba’

Vegetable market is where the families now flee to

Shelling Old Homs

Alkhaldiyeh media centre hit with mortar shells 22/03/2012

Bab Tadmur – shelling of Qasem Alatasi mosque 17/03/2012

Bab Tadmur – Hezbollah flag carried in Syria by shabeeha [thugs] 22/03/2012

The tanks shell Albayada 21/03/2012

Rushing injuries in Alqsoor 22/3/2012

Alqsoor – martyr Mohamad Dalal 22/03/2012

Alhooleh: Effects of shelling on homes via Assad militia 21/03/2012

Alkhaldiyeh – martyr Abdulnaser Qamheya

This massacre took place in Karam Allooz reportedly on 12/03/2012. The Assad shabeeha (thugs) killed an entire family after torturing them severely. The Assad shabeeha (thugs) then played with the bodies and filmed them saying the “armed gangs” were responsible.

The male martyr [father] Abdulnaser Zamo

The female martyr [mother] Rada Alshaar

The child martyr [male] Ammar Abdulnaser Zamo

The child martyr [male] Khaled Abdulnaser Zamo

The child martyr [female] Ro’aa Abdulnaser Zamo

The entire family in the mosque


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