An urgent plea from the families of Alqusair, Homs 24/03/2012

An urgent plea from the families of Alqusair, Homs – early hours of 24/03/2012

To anyone with a conscience, to anyone with emotions, to anyone who feels the pain of their brother or sister, to the Muslims and Christians across the world, to every human being with a conscience…

We in Alqusair are being subjected to such intensive shelling that is targeting the city and its suburbs with the use of tank shells, mortar shells and missiles – missiles from multiple missile launchers. The shelling has not stopped for more than 36 hours and especially today we counted 20 missiles per hour.

For a total of 3 days now we have been under military siege by T72 tanks .. the injuries are increasing in numbers and we cannot save them due to the intensive shelling and missile attack…We cannot save the injured as we cannot even get close to them…The electricity has been cut for 2 days now.

The humanitarian situation of Alqusair is a complete disaster, our children, our women, the youth and the elderly.. they are a trust and responsibility not just of ours, but yours too…

From the families of Alqusair, Alqusair the besieged, occupied and devastated.


نداء استغاثة
إلى كل من يملك الشعور الإنساني إلى كل من يملك الإحساس بالأخوة إلى كل مسلمين ومسحين العالم إلى كل صاحب ضمير حي
نحن في مدينة القصيرنتعرض لقصف عنيف جدا على المدينة وقراها باستخدام الصورايخ والهاون والدبابات, القصف لم يتوقف منذ أكثر من 36 ساعة واليوم تحديدا كان القصف الصاروخي بكثافة عالية ووصلت حدت القصف الى صاروخ 20 بالساعة
منذ ثلاثة ايام ونحن نحاصر بالدبابات T72 المدفعية, و الجرحى بأعداد كبيرة لا نستطيع سحبهم من كثرة تساقط الصواريخ وقذائف الهاون ولا نستطيع الاقترب منهم لتفادي سقوط جرحى اكثر ,مع استمرار لانقطاع التيار الكهربائي منذ يومين
و مدينة القصير في حالة يرثى لها, أطفالنا ونساءنا وابناءنا وكبارنا هم أمانة في أعناقكم جميعاً..
أهالي مدينة القصير المحتلة المنكوبة

4 thoughts on “An urgent plea from the families of Alqusair, Homs 24/03/2012

  1. Dear residents of Alqusair,

    My heart bleeds and breaks for you all. If you were as close to the USA as Mexico is, I would already be there fighting and dying for you. So it’s taking longer to get to you than it should, but I will be coming. I’ll be bringing as much Quick Clot and money as I can gather, and I’ll also be bringing my skill set. Even if I can only help a few of you before being caught, it’s worth it to me.

    I am not to the only one who feels this way. There are many others like me who can no longer take the emotional torture of watching the Syrian people being put feet-first through a meat grinder. God is mobilizing his children of all faiths from around the world as we speak. We will not allow our Syrian brothers and sisters to be slaughtered while taking shelter in the comfort of our homes. We’d rather die with God’s chosen than live with the cowards who turned away from helping them. I love you and I am coming to help you, as feeble as that may be.

    After all, there will be no shelter here. The front line is everywhere.

    -Matt G. (A white Born-Again Christian in the USA.)

    • Your message is lovely and I will forward to those inside Alqusair – it means a lot to have people thinking about our families inside, it really does. Because it always feels like the suffering of Syrians is being muted and ignored due to the stupidity and games of politicians. Thank you again. Have a beautiful day.

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