A memory of the martyr Mazhar by one of his closest friends

A message written by one of Mazhar Tayara closest friends, Mazen.
For those not aware, Mazhar was a citizen journalist killed in Khaldiyeh, Homs during the massacre in the early hours of the 4th February 2012.
Mazen Gh:
On this day, a year ago, I received a phonecall from Mazhar telling me “come down, I need to meet you urgently and I can’t say it on the phone”
So I set off to see Mazhar. I had been out of the house most of the day so was unaware of what was taking place in the country. Mazhar came along excited and bursting with energey as he always was when he had good news. He sat by my side and took his iPod out and asked me
Mazhar: “Have you seen what is happening?”
Me: What, you mean in Egypt? Yea, yea I’ve seen.
Mazhar: No, come on, In Syria…In Damascus??
Me: What’s going on?
Mazhar: Okay come take a look.
This was when I saw for the first time in my life, an actual protest inside Syria. I was in extreme shock, of course.
Me: Right..Right..So you think this will actually work? You think we will actually have a “revolution” ?
Mazhar: I don’t know, but we have to, our nation are wise and know what is best.
Me: Wise and understanding? Come on, tomorrow they will arrest a couple and the whole thing will end…The people will be scared to silence.
Mazhar: No..don’t say that. I don’t think so. The world, the people are boiling inside…Can’t you say what they’re saying about Egypt
Me: Don’t give me that “boiling inside” .. Our nation is dead and nothing will come from them
Mazhar: Fine, the days will show you … I am 100% sure something is going to happen … Keep your faith in the Syrian people strong.

Now, today…I owe an apology to the revolutionaries, the martyrs, the detainees and every free Syrian for not having faith in you…In such a great nation. I was opposite to the brave martyr Mazhar, he believed in the people and revolution from day one and always had hope that something would happen … That our nation was not dead … They were just waiting to be awoken, as they have been now.

May your soul rest in peace Mazhar … My beloved, dear friend … Freedom has no beauty without you … Your blood Mazhar … We will never forget.



Mazen Gh:

متل اليوم من سنة .. بيجيني تلفون من مظهر وبيقلي نزيل ع الروضة لاقيني ضروري, مافيني أحكي ع التلفون .. بحمل حالي وبنزل ع الروضة وكان الي فترة برا البيت فما بعرف شو عم يصير.. بيجي مظهر مستعجل ومتحمس كالعادة لما يكون جايب خبر حلو .. وبيقعد جنبي .. وبيطلع الاي بود (الملقب بالاي زهدي) ,,وبيقلي:
شفت شو صاير؟
أنا: وين قصدك بمصر؟ اي شفت
مظهر: لاء يا فهمان, بسوريا .. بالشام؟
أنا: شو في؟

مظهر: اي خود شوف
ووقتا بشوف أول مظاهرة بسوريا بحياتي .. طبعا انفلجت
أنا: أيوا .. أيوا .. يعني قولتك بيمشي الحال .. خلص بيصير عنا ثورة.
مظهر: ما بعرف .. بس لازم .. يا زلمي والله شعبنا بيفهم
أنا: اي حاج بيفهم .. بكرا بيعتقلو كام واحد وبتخلص القصة .. وبخافو العالم
مظهر: لا تقول هيك .. ما بعتقد .. العالم عم تغلي من جوا يا زلمة .. مانك شايف كيف عم يحكو عن مصر.
أنا : اي حاج عم تغلي من جوا … شعبنا ميت وما بيطلع منو شي.
مظهر: اي بكرا بتشوف .. أنا متأكد انو رح يصير عنا شي .. خلي ايمانك بالسوريين كبير.

طبعا, هلأ لازم أعتذر من كل الثوار وكل الشهداء وكل المعتقلين وكل السوريين الأحرار اني ما كنت مؤمن بهيك شعب عظيم .. عكس مظهر البطل .. اللي آمن بالثورة وبالشعب وكان دايما عندو أمل انو رح يصير شي .. وانو شعبنا مانو ميت .. كان أخد كبوة بس .. وانو بس يفيق رح يقلب الدنيا…
الله يرحمك يا مظهر .. يا رفيقي الغالي انت .. والله الحرية ما الها طعمة بلاك .. ودمك يا مظهر … ما نسيانينو.

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