English report for Homs today up to 9pm Syria time.

English translation of the Syrian Revolution General Commission report for today up to 9pm Syria time – Homs , Syria.

The most important events for occupied Homs up to the hour 14/03/2012:


4 army vehicles entered the area today from Souq Alhaal checkpoint. The regime forces clashed with the Free Syrian Army and 4 explosions were heard along with random gunfire. The gunfire entered several civilian homes leading to 3 critical injuries and martyrdom of one man who was on his bike passing by, his name was Sameer Mufleh.

The martyr Sameer Maher Mufleh:

The funeral of martyr Sameer Maher Mufleh:


Heavy shelling onto the neighbourhood today accompanied with heavy gunfire and a full electricity cut. Several explosions were reported and gunfire from Almatahen checkpoint.

Destruction due to heavy shelling:

The destruction due to RPG shelling from Almatahen checkpoint onto the neighbourhood:

Families in fear due to the shelling on homes:

Mortar shells on homes:

A child is injured by a sniper shot:


Random gunfire was reported from the Alqalah checkpoint towards civilian homes. Several mortar shells and missiles fell onto the homes along with gunfire targeting homes.

Gunfire onto homes:

Mortar shells and missiles onto homes

Wadi Alarab:

Heavy gunfire and shelling was reported from Alsabeel and Alzahraa neighbourhoods onto Wadi Alarab. The families feared a massacre on the area as well as Albayada thus many families fled to become refugees.

Remaining families asking for protection from God:


Martyr Adnan Abdulhadi was killed today by a sniper shot from the Almakateb checkpoint. War planes were observed over the area and many refugee families from Karam Alzaytoon and Asheera arrived today.

The martyr Adnan Abdulhadi – Homs Albayada


The refugees:

Bab Tadmur:

Homes were subjected to heavy shelling along with the minaret of Alsheikh Qasem mosque.

Shelling of homes:

Shelling of the mosque minaret:

Abo Jafar warns of a new massacre to take place on Alkhaldiyeh and Albayada

Joret Alshayah:

A protest came out today chanting for Idlib:


One of the shells on the neighbourhood:



Izzaldeen Halaq was martyred today. He was abducted by the Assad forces yesterday and was killed with 2 bullets to the head. The female martyr Malkah Mahmoud Bloot aged 16 was killed as the Assad regime forces targeted her and her family at the borders as they tried to flee to Lebanon. This in turn led to her being injured and killed instantly. Alqseir was under extreme shelling today mainly the suburbs, especially Joseyeh and Alnzareyeh areas and some other surrounding areas. The fields were also subjected to shelling including several homes.

Alzira’aa area was subjected to storming of homes led by security forces and shabeeha and army forces. Many were arrested at random and civilian properties were destroyed. This was all accompanied with shelling.

The nurse Musab Jamrak was killed by an explosive sniper shot in the chest and this led to his heart stopping immediately. Many tried to work to save his life but he could not be saved. He used to work at the National Hospital until it was taken over by the military and turned into a military camp.

The martyr Musab Jamrak:

Funeral of martyr Musab Jamrak:

Farewell of martyr Musab Jamrak:

Farewell of two martyrs Izzaldeen Halaq and Muwafaq Alnasr:


Funeral of martyrs Izzaldeen Halaq and Muwafaq Alnasr:



The cameraman of Alfarouq Battalion is injured by a shrapnel:



The police station: The snipers present over the station and the Alqsr Raghdan hotel opened fire onto the road leading to Hama and Alquwatle Street targeting those crossing the street.


The Red Cross team arrived today into the city of Alrastan. The checkpoint targeted them as they entered, and after long discussions they were allowed in. The city faced gunfire from heavy weapons this evening towards homes that face the National Hospital. Tanks and army vans were seen moving in an unusual manner.

The Red Cross in the area:


During the night the area was targeted with tank shells and during the day today the area faced hysterical gunfire from heavy weapons onto civilian homes. This came from Dawar Alhuweiyeh checkpoint and Almafraza checkpoint. Gunfire sounds were heard from Altaybah side.

A female protest chanting for besieged Idlib despite the rain

Alrabee Alarabi:

Several shells were reported on the area today from the Petrochemical checkpoint along with interrupted gunfire from the same checkpoint. War planes were reported over the area.

A beautiful protest joined by women from the area:

Teir Maleh:

Mohamad Ahmad Alkoosa aged 35 was killed – he was known as a brave man and was married with 1 child [he owns land near Alqseir] He was shot along with 4 others by Aljoora checkpoint near the Lebanese borders. These 4 men were trying to flee to Lebanon from the shelling but were shot and died immediately.

Kafr Aya:

12 martyrs were buried in Kafr Aya graveyard today, they had been killed in the massacres of Baba Amr and their names or ID’s were not known. Some bodies were severely mutilated and deformed and others had been run over by tanks.


Evening protests:

Alkhaldiyeh under shelling:


Alqsoor in front of the martyr Samer Mufleh’s home:


Old videos received today:

Alkhaldiyeh: Shelling on the area 13/03/2012

Wadi Alarab: A mortar shell on a roof in the area leading to the death of many birds. 08/03/2012

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