Once upon a time there lived a princess in Idlib – Syria

[I’m SO sorry for the image, this is from Idlib 10/03/2012 and below is a story that came to my mind when seeing her]

See, I always had a dream. I wanted to be a princess. It looked so nice on the TV. I didn’t have a TV but my friends did. My daddy worked every day and whatever he made on that day, he would use it to buy us food.

I was daddys girl of course 🙂 He spoiled me, and would sing me to sleep every night. It would drive my brothers mad, but..I was his little girl, his princess as he called me.

I wanted to work hard like my dad, but I wanted to make sure my children would have a TV so they could watch princesses all the time, not just when they went to their friends house. Because sometimes it got too dark and my mummy would take me back to my cold home away from everything nice. But I saw my dad work hard and I knew even though I was young I had to respect him. He worked so hard but didn’t get enough money. It made me think was there a bad man stealing from him?

This morning, we woke up to what we are used to, bombing and more bombing. I guess this is my life now. You just wait to die, but mummy says we wait to become angels because heaven is waiting for us.

We don’t have food anymore, we really have been eating plants but no one believes us. Oh and it was so fun collecting snow as we knew it would be our water for the next few weeks. I don’t know what is happening except Bashar is really bad. Bashar is a really bad man. He is like the men my mummy would tell me not to go near or talk to. He is really bad. He took my best friend who also wanted to be a princess.

But today was weird, the sounds of this thing, this bombing like a boom boom bang was so strong, it was really scary. I mean, I know we live it every day, but today it was really close.

My daddy held onto me reading Quran, asking God to “take me and leave her” “take my soul and leave my princess here please, protect her”

He started crying and I began to wipe his tears, he held my small hand and kissed it and said “I love you baba” and then bang.

It was quick but I felt something strike through me. I knew bad man Bashar had done something really bad this time because there was smoke everywhere and my mummy screaming. Everything around me was really bright and my mummy screamed “wheres my baby where’s my baby” as my brothers pulled her out so she would not get hurt, I didn’t want her to get hurt, I don’t mind getting hurt but not my mummy.

My arm felt weird, it was sort off..how do I say it? Hanging off? Yea. And then as my breathing got harder, and harder, it was so scary because I can always breath but now I couldn’t. I tried I really tried so hard but I couldn’t. Then I felt cold air inside my belly, it was a funny feeling but painful, I realised I had this octopus looking thing hanging out of my side, I think it’s something from inside my body.

I must be hurt. I can’t see anymore. I can hear my mum still screaming as my daddy lies by my side and all I hear is “there is no God but Allah and Mohamad is his messenger” as he groans and white things come out of his mouth.

I realise I’m leaving…I’m leaving…And my daddy is coming with me…I hope bad man Bashar leaves soon…darker…darker…I can’t see…I can’t breath…I see a light…

Wow I see a nice garden…Ah there is Hamza!! This boy I heard so much about…Oh there is Hajar!…And Motasem…Yay and Layal…And Yousef…And Ibrahim…And Malek…And Rana…And Qamar…Wow and Ahmad…And Ibtisam!

This is amazing…So many new friends…My mummys voice finally disappears…I have left the world…To become an angel in heaven…How many more of me will you allow before doing something?

Two more princesses who joined her from Idlib to heaven on 10/03/2012:

R x

One thought on “Once upon a time there lived a princess in Idlib – Syria

  1. Thank you for sharing your words and images. It’s not always easy to get a clear picture of what’s going for ordinary people there from where I am in Los Angeles, California.

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