Syrian Network for Human Rights – Detainee report 07/03/2012

SNHR Detainee Report:

الشبكة السورية لحقوق الإنسان – لندن
Syrian Network for Human Rights – London
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Wednesday, 07 March 2012

While the world was watching the Baba Amro, Ar-Rastan, and Idleb massacres, the Syrian regime was intensifying its arbitrary arrest campaign of activists. In the last ten days alone, over 5,000 detainees have been reported. In addition, the “decisive security operations” carried out by the regime’s forces entail torturing hundreds of those arrested, and many of those detainees are now being reported missing. There is great difficulty in obtaining the names of those arrested because parents and family members often refuse to report the names, out of fear that the regime will retaliate by killing the detainee.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) would like to reiterate that in almost every single case, these residents were arrested arbitrarily and without any legal warrant. Some of them were arrested from their homes. The most serious issue is the lack of information about the place or point of arrest, making it impossible for family members to visit the detainee or obtain enough information to appoint a lawyer for defence.

The SNHR holds the regime responsible for the lives and well-being of all detainees, and the following are some of the confirmed cases.

1. Raf’aa Al-Masri, blogger arrested by military intelligence forces
Activists arrested from the Al-Hajara Al-Aswad neighborhood:
2. Bassam Mohammad
3. Mohammad al-Ahmad
4. Mohammad Mohammad
5. Khaled Fnekher

Rural Damascus:
Dozens of activists were arrested from the Wadi Al-Masharee neighbourhood, which is an area with Kurdish majority. They were arrested by the Military Security Branch forces at 5 a.m. and the following are the only ones which SNHR could confirm:
1. Shbal Tamr Yaaqoob The son of the struggler Tamr Yaaqoob.
2. Jawan Khaled
3. Sameer Khlaed
4. From the same family Jakr Khwain Khaled
5. Shorsh Khaled
6. Abu Sameer ( He is the father of all the young men who are mentioned in 2,3,4,5)
7 – 9. Abu Daleel and two of his sons (members of Kurdistan Worker’s Party)
10. One woman whose name is not available

Two activists from the Taibat El-Emam disctrict in Hama were arrested at a military checkpoint in Idleb:
1. Imad Nabhan A-Nabhan
2. Nabhan Abdul Hakim A-Nabhan
A brutal arrest campaign continues in the town of Khattab in Hama, where more than 700 people were arrested. The confirmed names are included below:
3. Ahmad al-Bakri
4. Ahmad Diab Zahori
5. Fadi Alzaki …. Wounded
6. Khaled Alfannan
7. Muhannad Martinis
8. Mohammed Almartnini
9. Mamdouh Almasri
10. Mohammad Abdelaziz Altaweel
11. Khalid Alkadoor
12. Ali Al-assaf
13. Shadi Al-assaf
14. Mahmoud Al-assaf
15. Mohammed Alomar
16. Mehdi Alhassan
17. Yasser Alfannan
18. Khalid Alhasan
19. Samer Alhasan
20. Ismail Zhori
21. Qais Al-Ali
22. Aziz Altaweel (home also burned)
23. Ahmed Hossam Zhori (home also burned)

Dar’aa Province:
Bosra A-Sham
Many young men were arrested because of their participation in peaceful demonstrations:
1. Ahmed Sameer Al-Isa
2. Khaldoon A-Shalabi
3. Adel Al-Meqdad
4. Khaled Al-Meqdad
Security forces launched an arrest campaign in the Abdeen village which affected many activists who took part in demonstrations. The following are the documented names:
5. Fadel Al-Masri (17 years old)
6. Rizq Al-Masri
7. Jamal Al-Masri
8. Ata Al- Masri
9. Ayman Al-Masri
10. Hamzah Al-Hasan
11. Kamal Al0Masri
There was also a campaign of arrests in Al-Harak city, Dar’ah province. We were able to document the following names. Among the detainees were 7 wounded residents:
12. Isa Hasan Azz’obi
13. Abdu-Rahim Mohammed Azz’obi
14. Zakareyyah Ali Qalloosh
15. Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Hareeri
16. Malek Mohammed Abu Safi (13 years old)
17. Murad Shawamrah
18. Ashraf Azzayed
19. Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Adawi
20. Abdu-Rahim Taha Al-Awad AL-Qaddah
21. Ziyad Adbul Mawla Al-Hareeri
22. Zayd Adbul Mawla Al-Hareeri
23. Mnaf Zayd Al-Hareeri
24. Ashraf Al-Zayed
25. Murad Al-Masri
26. Ayman Al-Masri
27. Mohammed Al-Masri
28. Basel Al-Masri
29. Hasan Soltan Al-Masri
30. Soltan Hasan Al-Masri
31. Salam Rasmi Qaddah
32. Mohammed Naser Al-Qaddah
33. Qasem Khayrat
34. Ahmed Al-Adawi 2 Ebn Abu Asheq
35. Noor Al-Hareeri (detained again after his release)
36. Muneer Mohammed Kasabreh
37. Saddam Mohammed Kasabreh
38. Husam Mohammed Ksabreh
39. Rami Al-Boosh
40. Mohammed Khair Abdul Rahim Al-Khayrat
41 – 43. Three sons of Jihad Al-Jabr
The following were taken from their homes and their names have been confirmed:
44. Mohammad Nahar AlAmer
45. Hassan Mohammad Alyateem
46. Khalil Alyateem (Al Attiyah)
47. Maher Abdel-Halim Algelm
48. Hani Ali Algelm

In the village of Alqeneh in Idlib secret police launched a campaign of arbitrary arrests and this is the list which could be confirmed:
1. Abdul Rahman al-Saadi
2. Mahmoud Alsaadi
3. Mohammad Alsaadi
4. Waleed Khaled
5. Abdal Malik Alsaadi
6. Abdul Jalil Alsaadi
7. Abdul Majeed Alremeis
8. Ajwad Alzokani
9. Hamza Alsobeh
10. Son of Kher Allah Alhomsi
11. Son of Mufeed Alremeis
12. Aziz Aal omran

Dozens of activists were arrested in Lattakia especially in the village of Salma:
1. Maamoun Haj Asaad
2. Ali Haj Asaad
3. Yasser Tafran
4. Dirar Hamdo
5. Ali Cino
6. Mohammad Aspreu
7. Othman Aspreu the brother of defected first lieutenant Othman Aspreu
8. Dr. Mahmoud Saiad
9. Nawal Shaker, wife Dr. Mahmoud above
10. Mohammad Hussein Andron
11. Osama Andron
12. Ammar Fakher Hamdo
13. Mohammad Yasin Andron
14. Yahya Ibrahim Seo
15. Wasim Munir Alhayek
16. Rabe’a Lebo
17. Mazen Hasino
18. Hassan Al-Hayek
19. Ghassan Hissou
20. Fadi Hissou
21. Thaer Ahmad
22. Hussein Ahmad
23. Khalid AlSheikh
24. Bashar Ali Qasim
25. Ahmad AlSheikh
26. The father of the defected First Lieutenants Osama Bero and Essam Bero from the village of Selma was arrested, and he is being held in exchange for his sons.

1. Reda Abdel-Rahman Altalaa, activist arrested because of his involvement in student demonstrations at the University of Aleppo

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