My random thoughts tonight, this is my Jobar, Homs – 44 executed in last 2 days

My Jobar..

I want to smell Jobar, I want to smell the cows and have to look under my foot so I don’t step in their waste every time. I want to play football as a kid again in the fields of Jobar. I want to sit with the ladies and help them do the farming. I want to go and eat bezer and drink tea with my cousins. I want to get bored of so many relatives. I want my house, my grandparents house, I want something to go back to.

I want my Jobar, my life, he took everything, I want to go back. I want to see my uncle my best uncle 3ami and I want to receive his flowers when he felt like being nice 7abibi. I want to see everyone. I want to have warm milk straight from the cows in my tea. I want to be a child and play with the chickens and be scared from the donkeys.

I want to hear my uncles voice again but he died and I was banned from seeing him. I want to walk through Jobars streets in the night with no lights screaming and laughing as we tripped every few seconds. I want to get into a service and find it the most amazing ride in the world. I want to ride in the back of my cousins pick up singing “ya shufer doos doos Allah yb3atlak 3aroos”

I want my cousin..How can 1 man ban me from my best friend my cousin my life. I want to hear her voice again, I want to sit and laugh and cry and make fun of her imaginary husband waiting outside the window and do everything again.

I want to eat figs from my granddads beautiful hands…I want Jobar…but there is no Jobar…Our homes have been taken…Near to all have fled/been executed/refugees/hiding/detained.

He killed the cows, donkeys, stole our homes, cars, destroyed the fields, bombed some buildings and used wedding halls as prisons.

This village once was full of smiles. It is a dark memory now.

But, dear Bashar we will return, we will return, me my sisters we will all return, we will rebuild it, get married, have children, have grandchildren, rebuild Syria, the real Syria. The Syria that existed before your dad and yourself ruined it.

Jobar and Baba Amr are my life, without them I die, so I have to rebuild them, to stay alive.

R x

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