Despite everything..Homs is just beautiful

You know what’s precious about snow..especially as it comes down on my city Homs? 01/03/2012 

[Photo: Baba Amr, at start of missile attack early February]

As it comes down on Homs it covers the rubble and blown up streets.

As it comes down on Homs it covers the flesh and blood that remains scattered.

As it comes down on Homs it dissolves the smell of gunpowder and dead bodies, restoring moments of what life used to be like before.

As it comes down on Homs, a childs blown up home begins to look the same as his/her neighbors home..maybe in that tiny moment the child will feel okay their home is gone as the snow looks nice.

As it comes down on Homs, a mother may go out from under her buried home to build a snowman with her remaining daughter, just to see a smile on her face again.

As it comes down on Homs, the people thank God as for example in Bab Sba’ they have been melting the snow to drink it, as there is no water.

As it comes down on Homs, Bashar Al-ASSad looks upon it miles away in Damascus, ignoring the pains and aches this same snow has landed on in a city he is bombing and starving.

In simple terms, the snow makes Homs feel like Homs again, because nothing is as beautiful as Homs, even with the destruction, her beauty shines through even the tiniest and darkest of holes.

R x

6 thoughts on “Despite everything..Homs is just beautiful

  1. Beautiful poem. Know you are not a alone, you are courageous despite the inability of international community involvement to stop the assassins of the assad family. Hang in there, we do not forget, we will never forget. We think of you, courage and take care.

  2. I found your blog by some searching. You are a very brave person. I wish you all the best from the deep in my heart. I also wish you an Assad-free Syria so you can live in a free Syria..
    Stig-Åke Persson

  3. Thanks for writing this moving acount of snow falling on ruined Homs. We know your situation is dire. Lots of people in the West admire your bravery in hanging on, so try to keep smiing and enjoy the little respite the snow has given you.
    I know you have few options now and that you really need our help. I am not sure how I can help, so I just want you to know the world is watching and we really hope you can hang on till help gets to you. The UN and Red Cross is trying to get food and medicine in and people out. I feel sure it will and I hope we can help you to build an Assad-less Syria, which will be much greater than the awful state it is now. I hope that now that Assad has refused to let Ban Ki Moon in to Homs , the international community will see there is need to take another course of action against the Assad regime. Quatar has called on other Arab states to intervene. I pray there is some way Assad will stop this killing of people and allow at least womena and children to leave Homs.

  4. I am lost for words and heartbroken at the suffering being endured. The people of the city of Homs are in my thoughts.

  5. I feel for you Rose and just know that even if we cannot do anything, Allah is always with you. He will never let you down. One day Bashar will get his punishment, you just wait and see. The end is coming soon, and soon you’ll be free from this tyrant.

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