Translated update from Baba Amr – 01/03/2012 around 2:30pm Syria time.

‎In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful.

We, the Baba Amr brigade, have decided to strategically withdraw for the sake of the civilians remaining inside the neighbourhood. The humanitarian situation is at its worst, as there is no food whatsoever, no medicines, no water and no electricity. There is no communication in the area thus making matters much worse. We are also lacking in enough arms to defend the civilians. The Assad army has destroyed most of the civilian homes up to now by use of missiles from multiple missile launchers, helicopters that have attacked Baba Amr from the skies and tank shelling using mortar shells type 120ml.

We are now calling on the International Red Cross to immediately enter and remove all civilians, we place full responsibility on them in that they must enter and save the people and hand them all aid necessary to keep them alive. The families have refused to leave, thus they must be provided with aid immediately. They have refused to leave their destroyed homes, homes that have been blown up during the barbaric attacks for the last month. The number of civilians refusing to leave is around 4000.

We warn the Assad regime against any reaction that will target civilians and we place full responsibility on the regime for the safety of the civilians who are caught in the middle of this. We warn, any action by the regime that crosses the limits and affects civilians will see a severe response from our side.

We promise you, the people of Syria, Baba Amr will remain the eye and heart of this revolution until we gain full victory. Whatever the price we have to pay and whatever we have to give up…we are returning stronger God willing.

5 thoughts on “Translated update from Baba Amr – 01/03/2012 around 2:30pm Syria time.

  1. firstly allah m7ayee aslon for refusing to leave… secondly if the red cross dont make a move NOW regardless of the situation on ground then they will be blamed by all for all effected!!!

    but thanks for the update rose

  2. Hope you still are able to update….But look after yourself. Take care and stay safe. You are needed!!

    StigP in Sweden

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  4. Rose
    Your silence makes me feel worry. I hope you are OK.
    Take care and stay safe!!
    My best wishes for you and your friend!!

    StigP in Sweden

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