My thoughts as the world watches Assad forces trying to enter my Baba Amr

[Baba Amr will never kneel, we will win this]

Baba Amr attempted wipe out – 29/02/2012

Baba Amr may be wiped out by the time you finish reading this. But do you care? As in really? You don’t. Because it is not your family. See if I said this was a neighbourhood of yours perhaps in Pakistan, India, China, Spain, America or’d be panicking because it is your blood.

The Assad army tanks are trying to push into this area and planes are over the area now, the army defectors are trying to protect the civilians inside who most are homeless or with open wounds due to the suffocating siege, but the defectors defect with little arms and have little to defend the people. It’s like us here in the UK, David Cameron deciding to bomb Essex and his army start defecting because they don’t want to kill innocent civilians. They would be heroes in your eyes and the world would run to help them.

But in Baba Amr in Homs in Syria, who cares? They’re not white, or maybe wealthy? Hmm not with major businesses or speak other languages, but they’re human. But it has shown as much as we say we have moved on from the past with separation between black and white, we are still as messed up. But based on oil…And Israels benefits. No one would want international intervention in their country, so we asked the world just to arm the defectors to protect the people, no one one one offered, sorry many offered recently but all talk and little action, actually no action.

Anyway as you read this the Assad forces are pushing closer and closer and maybe if you read this late they would have entered and finished everything, and my family is in this area. So I really thank you and everyone who reads this and moves on. I truly do, thank you. Because these are days and hours we will never forget, because humans are being butchered. Thanks again. Wallah. Thank you.

As someone just tweeted “wow are we waiting to see a new Benghazi” — Seriously, wow? Is that what you say? Well congratulations, we will see worse as no one will budge to help the Syrian people, as with the last 1 year.

Lots of love, from a female who has been banned from seeing Baba Amr and Jobar for a year now, a female who will never see her family or neighbourhood again, because they will be burned to the bone.

R x

2 thoughts on “My thoughts as the world watches Assad forces trying to enter my Baba Amr

  1. A deeply distressing and heart wrenching situation, not only for Syrians but for those of us in other countries that are doing all we can to draw attention to this horrible regime, by protesting, signing petitions, and sharing info via Facebook, Twitter or You Tube. Please know you are in my thoughts along with all of the residents in Homs and Baba Amr and sending prayers to let you know you’re not alone. Love and hugs to you!

    In Solidarity from Canada

  2. Living in Sweden there is not that much I can do. But what I have done is being a member of sites at Facebook, Avaaz, and more. This is so terrible that I have no words. One thing I also have done as making posts and comments in Assads Facebook. I hope they can feel the angry I feel for them.. Promise me to take care and stay safe. You are a witness of all those criminal acts Assads are doing to your home town…
    You are brave, very brave !!!!

    From the west part of Sweden

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