A message from Baba Amr today – 27/02/2012 – Translated to English

Daily life for Baba Amr under siege:

Baba Amr: 27/02/2012

Baba Amr has been cut from the world since 04/02/2012. From electricity, water, phone lines and everything else possible. It is an entire siege. People have been prevented from entering or leaving and prevented from bringing in any humanitarian aid whatsoever. Flour and bread have been unavailable for 8 days now. There are no medicines for the children. Malnutrition is now on the rise as the symptoms begin to show especially in children. The elderly who suffer from various illnesses no longer have medicines to keep them going.

The situation of the field hospital is a complete devastation. It is running at a pace greater than it can handle. However, it can only offer basic first aid now as medicines and operating materials are finished. But if we did have the operating materials, we are still lacking in doctors to run them.

The Assad army has shown it has a clear intention to destroy Baba Amr and its surroundings from the map, as it represents the Syrian revolution. They have used every possible weapon on our small neighborhood.. From multiple missile launchers, tanks, mortar shells type 120, T72 tanks [Russian made] and Shilka tanks.

As per usual, the barbaric attack begins around 5am morning time every day – it begins with missiles onto civilian homes accompanied with normal tank shells. This continues until around 2pm afternoon time. Now at this point it stops for around half an hour or less and then resumes, even more brutal than before.

Once you hear your neighbor’s home has been shelled, you cannot stand by and watch in fear. Everyone runs to help them, or collect what is left of them under the rubble, or remove the injured. But unfortunately they then get shelled as more missiles pound the same location, thus not only destroying what was already destroyed, but killing the paramedics who ran to help those injured and dead. This is a tactic by the regime to make sure everyone in that place and position, will remain underground forever.

The snipers never stop; they do not stop at any point. They have taken over most rooftops especially of the high buildings around Baba Amr thus easy targets. This means anyone leaving their home to rush injuries to the field hospital is at risk of being shot. This is because the snipers target anything and anyone that moves through the streets.

The streets of Baba Amr are now full of rubble, from homes and cars that have been burned to the bone, or the electricity mains and cables that lie ripped across the streets. The smell of gunpowder mixed with burnt flesh fills the streets. This is a massacre, a crime against humanity, against the human lives in Baba Amr – we do not exceed 28000 souls and this is a crime against us. Children have been stripped of their right to a childhood and grown men have lost their memories. The horrifying stories from our neighboring Insha’at are too much. The army entered the area with stories of mass murders to rape of women and theft of all home belongings. Anything and everything is being destroyed.

There is a single doctor left in the field hospital and he described the situation as a “devastation”. The injuries have exceeded 3000, from them are women and children, however the majority are men. There is no space to keep the injuries and no medicines.

Abo Sufyan is the brave man responsible for burying the dead; he has told us he has buried more than 1000 bodies. This has ranged from burying in Jobar or in any neighboring fields. He does this by placing the bodies one over another in a small truck to be able to take them at once and bury them as quickly as possible in secret. I asked him to record and film the bodies before their burial so maybe at some later point their families could identify them…He answered me in a sarcastic manner, “don’t worry about that, there won’t be any of us left to go identifying the others”

This is Baba Amr, the neighborhood that has maintained its dignity and strength despite the Assad regimes many trials to bring it down. The Assad regime does not want or wish dignity on any of the Syrian people; that is why we, Baba Amr, have been chosen by the regime, to be wiped out entirely.

— Haneen —



يوميات باباعمرو تحت الحصار:
باباعمرو 27 .02.2012
من تاريخ 04.02.2012 تم قطع هذا الحي عن العالم قطع كل شي . الكهرباء الماء الاتصالات بكافة اشكالها
محاصرة الحي من كل الجوانب بحيث يستحيل دخول او خروج اي مواد اساسية او اي شخص كان
مادة الخبز الاساسية وطعام الاطفال نفذ بشكل كامل منذ ثمانية ايام . ادوية الاطفال كذلك . بدات عوارض امراض نقص الاغذية بالظهور وخاصة عند الاطفال
كبار السن واصحاب الامراض المزمنة نفذت ادويتهم ايضا
اما وضع المشفى الميداني فهو يعمل باكبر من طاقته الاستعابية . فقط يقدم الاسعافات الاولية من وقف النزيف وغيره ولا يمكن اجراء اي عمليات جراحية معقدة بسبب نقص المواد الطبية والاطباء المؤهلين لهكذا نوع من الجرحات
جيش الاسد عنده ارادة كاملة وقرار مسبق بتدمير باباعمرو ومحوها من الخارطة لانها نموذج للثورة في سوريا لذلك لم يوفر اي نوع من الاسلحة مهما كان نوعها هناك راجمات الصواريخ والكيتوشا . مدفعية الميدان . قذائف الهاون عيار 120 دبابات ت 72 روسية الصنع بالاضافة الى مدفعيىة الشيكا
يبدا الهجوم العشوائي عادة عند الساعة 5 من فجر كل يوم حيث تدك الصواريخ بيوت الناس وتتبع بقذائف المدفعية . يستمر الامر كذلك حتى الثانية ظهرا . احيا نا يتوقف القصف ويسودالهدوء لنصف ساعة او اقل وبعدها يعود بكثافة اكثر وهمجية اقوى
عندما تسمع منزل جارك قد قصف لا يمكنك ان تتفرج . يهرع الناس لمساعدة من من تبقى تحت الانقاض واخلاء الجرحى . ثم ينهمر عليهم مزيد من الصواريخ لنفس المكان ليكون بذلك النظام قد اكد على الجميع دفنوا تحت الانقاض
القناصة لاتتوقف ابدا لقد احتلت الاسطح للبناية العالية المحيطة ب باباعمرو . احدا ما يجب عليه ان يغادر ليخلي اصابة خطرة الى المشفى الميداني يستمر صائدوا الحياة بالبحث عن اي شي يتحرك داخل شوارع الحي المقفرة
شوارع باباعمرو مليئة بركام البيوت والسيارات المتفحمة اسلاك الكهرباء تتدلى من اعمدة الكهرباء المكسورة . رائحة البارود و الجثث المتفحمة بكل مكان
انها مجزرة تركتب بحق حي باباعمرو واهله الذي لا يتجاوز عدد سكانه 28000 نسمة . 25 من القصف المتواصل افقد الاطفال طفولتهم . الرجال لا يردون ذاكرة تعمل . القصص المروعة التى من الانشاءات الحي المجاور الذي دخله الجيش فقط مروعة حالات من قتل جماعي واغتصاب للنساء وسرقة لمحتويات البيوت وتدمير الاملاك
الطبيب الوحيد في المشفى المياني يصف الوضع بالماساوي لقد تجاوز عدد الجرحى 3000 منهم الاطفال والنساء وغالبيتهم من الرجال . لايوجد مكان لنبقي فيه الجرحى
اما ابو سفيان الشخص المسؤول عن دفن الشهداء قال لقد دفنت الى الان اكثر من 1000 شخص بعضهم في جوبر والاخر في مزارع المحيطة بها . كان يقوم بوضع الجثث فوق بعضها البعض في شاحنة صغيرة حمولة 1 طن . طلبت منه ان يصور جثث الضحايا على امل ان يتعرف ذويهم عليهم بعد حين . اجاب ساخر لا تقلق لن يبقى احدا منا حيا حتى يتعرف على الاخر …..
هذه باباعمرو التي انتزعت كرامتها من ال الاسد . طبعا هم لا يردون شعبا بكرامة لذلك قررو لهذ الحي الابادة


3 thoughts on “A message from Baba Amr today – 27/02/2012 – Translated to English

  1. I watch and read every day as much as I can find on Syria. I am half a world away and am consumed by the events, in awe of the courage and dignity of the Syrian people against this inhumane devil, I am impressed with the organization of the people in getting information out and in working together for survival. keep documenting these crimes against humanity! I am ashamed at the inaction of the UN and the AL. I live half a world away and belong to a religion that is too often at odds with your own, but I am also a mother who loves her children more than her life, and every day the images I see from Syria become super imposed on my children when I look at them and I try to imagine living through those conditions with them in my arms and my heart breaks. As a human being, I am horrified at the wanton bloodshed and deliberate murder, the suffering moves me to tears. How can I help?? My thoughts and prayers are with the Syrian people every day.

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