Activist Omar Shakir’s last call to Baba Amr media office before attack

Omar Shakers last call with Baba Amr media office, it is long but at 4:50 you can hear one of the foreign journalists saying “I can’t move” you can hear the missiles that continue to fall, and at 12 minutes onwards he is informed the 2 journalists Marie and Remi are dead.

The regime knew the journalists were there, 3 more were injured. The regime used multiple missile launchers on the media centre killing 7 Syrians too in the blast and there is little medical aid for the injured journalists or Syrians. It was targeted so the media centre is now known. The type of weapons used were those being used for 19 days straight and journalists have come and left and witnessed the barbaric attack on the neighbourhood.

The regime has not stopped using missiles and actually used toxic gases this evening as it stepped up its attack on Baba Amr totally unbothered the foreign journalists will report the crimes to the outside world.

Marie yesterday spoke to many outlets and said how she saw a baby die, how the Syrian government lies, how the babies chest went up and down until he died as there was no way out or medical aid. She said she didn’t expect to survive as the situation was the worst, and she said this is the worst she had seen, though she has covered many wars.

What can I say except…The worlds heroes can be found in Baba Amr…

And the journalists who risk their lives to go into the war zone Syria and bring our stories out, are heroes too.

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