Darkness, then light.

Since March1 15th, or even before, for the last 40 odd years, darkness has swept over Syria.

Be it from the experience of a loved one going to work and disappearing for being an activist.

Be it the massacre in Hama that took 40000 and more in the most barbaric of ways.

Be it the mass graves full of the men, women and children of Homs.

Be it the prison cells that hold the worst of torture, pain, electrocution, starvation, skinning and death.

Be it the feeling of being in a classroom and always knowing every word you say is heard and reported by your teacher. “What do your parents say about Hafez Al-Assad?” “What do your parents say about Bashar Al-Assad?”

Be it the feeling of knowing the walls can hear you, in your own home, the walls will report you and have you gone within hours.

Be it the fact you couldn’t become a doctor or study outside until you joined the blood stained Baath party.

Be it the fact as you drive your car you are observed for a picture of Bashar or Hafez and you are questioned why you don’t have one.

Be it the fact you know even the dustbin man below your flat is writing reports and watching your every move.

Be it the fact you cannot hold religious circles as they relate to terrorism though it is simply learning and reciting the Quran.

Be it the fact you feel strange as a Sunni from an Alawi or a Christian from a Muslim, or a Durzi from an Ismaeli because the regime created division.

Be it the fact when you go to university, your friends who were with you for years, suddenly in the revolution lifted sticks with security forces to beat you.

Be it the child who had his father stroke his hand every night only to wake in 2012 with his fathers hand under the rubble.

Be it the woman who spent her life working to feed her children only to be raped so barbarically, she begged security forces when they returned to take her children and rape them and not her.

Be it the girl of 10 years now left with 6 siblings younger than her, in a bunker in Baba Amr with no aid or parents to help her.

Be it the starvation, lack of electricity, lack of water, lack of warmth, lack of medicines and lack of a normal life.

Be it driving through the streets and having children run begging at your window for money.

Be it the men who stand and take the money collected from these homeless children after they beg in the freezing cold.

Be it the fact Homs is being shelled daily.

Be it the fact Damascus suburbs are shelled daily.

Be it the fact Idlib is shelled daily.

Be it the fact Hama is shelled daily.

Be it the fact thousands of young men, older men, elderly men, young women, older women, elderly women and children remain in dungeons.

Be it the fact hospitals that are meant to be a safe haven where you get treated, are now a death sentence with bodies piled in different rooms.






This was taken in Baba Amr

What can you see?

Shelling and explosions leading to a toxic, black, thick cloud above the skies of this residential area.

But, there is a light, the sun, shining and forcing its way through the darkness because at the end of every long dark tunnel there is a light.

There are also birds flying by the smoke, because they are free, nothing holds them back. And nothing holds us back.

We will continue till the end. Even if it is until the day I die. Syria will be free.

R x

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