We have failed as humans

This picture is of a child in Binnish, Syria with the word “freedom” and “leave” on his face.

Every day I see beautiful pictures of broken children managing a smile.

Consider a child.

As a child you heard “the innocence of children” and never really understand the term. But as you get older it makes sense.

You see your younger siblings, in hysterics at a random sound you now find odd, but you used to laugh at it when you were their age.

You see them playing doctors and pretending to do an operation on their dolly and kissing the dolly to wake her up as they think that’s the way it happens.

You see them learning how to ride a bike, trying to balance even though you have fixed stabilisers.

Then life goes on and you have a baby, and you realise they are nothing without you. The peak of innocence. They can’t even scratch their nose, they need you there.

Then as they learn who you are, they can smell you, sense you, they know you are their protector, you are their one and only.

As they take their 1st steps, they make sure 1 hand is tightly holding onto your finger while the other is used to investigate and feel. You see how they always hold onto something carefully and actually calculate their next steps to reach their dummy or toy.

You then hear them say “mama” after you continued to repeat it hoping they wouldn’t say “baba” 1st!

As they grow, they need you to bath them, feed them, clothe them. They then learn how to hold a spoon and feed themselves.

These are children. Who or what could be more precious and fragile? If we don’t do all we can to protect children…we will fail as a society and humanity…and we have failed.

Every day children die of starvation. Every day children die of the cold. Every day children die in war, caught in the middle of politics. Every day children die of preventable diseases. Every day orphans lie alone in the streets. Every day children sell themselves to feed their families.

Children are the key to a successful world. With how things are going in my country Syria, the regime has slaughtered, bombed and tortured these angels. If it means my life, I won’t back down.

Children ARE life. And the fact we are numb to torture of children, rape of children, bombing of children…and more…what have we become?

R x

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