Videos from Hama 14/02/2012

A video from the distance where the sound of shelling can be heard clearly on Alhamidiyeh and neighboring areas – Hama 14/02/2012

Alhamidiyeh was stormed with army vehicles and tanks today, also pick-up trucks carrying shabeeha and some carrying anti-aircraft weapons – Hama 14/02/2012

The Assad forces storm Alhamidiyeh and shoot randomly onto homes – Hama 14/02/2012

Video shows the smoke rising over the neighborhood due to heavy shelling – Hama 14/02/2012

Snipers spread onto rooftops of government and hospital buildings – shooting anything that moves in Alhamidiyeh and Almanakh Alsharqiya – Hama 14/02/2012

Continued shelling through the night onto Alhamidiyeh – Hama 14/02/2012

Mashaa’ neighborhood was stormed with over 40 tanks – Hama 14/02/2012

Injuries in Mashaa’ – Hama 14/02/2012

There are over 20 tanks surrounding Alhamidiyeh from all sides – Hama 14/02/2012

The humanitarian situation in the neighborhood is beyond devastating with many fleeing in fear of their children being killed.

Fleeing of families from Alhamidiyeh – Hama 14/02/2012

Aljazeera report on the field hospitals in Hama – Hama 14/02/2012

Assad forces massacre the children of Hama 18+ – Hama 14/02/2012

Martyr Mohamad Aljajeh – Alhamidiyeh – Hama 14/02/2012

Martyr Aya Maher Abeed

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