5pm Syria time: Summary of events in occupied Homs up to this hour 08/02/2012

Summary of events in occupied Homs up to this hour 08/02/2012

The Assad militia has continued its barbaric attack on Homs today by targeting the Oil Refinery. Around 30 tanks and 5 army vehicles and some army pick-up trucks were seen passing near Deir Attiyeh on their way to Homs.

From the early hours of this morning Homs has not seen a moment of silence or calm as the heavy gunfire continues and the shelling and explosions remain constant. The explosions were reported today from across Homs. War planes were reported over Baba Amr and Alkhaldiyeh and the preliminary number of martyrs is 48 with 14 of them children.

Baba Amr:

Baba Amr has faced continuous explosions today using multiple-missile launchers onto the civilians inside the neighborhood – the rockets fell from all sides onto all areas of Baba Amr and war planes were reported over the neighborhood. A young girl killed as a rocket hit her home as she slept. The neighborhood is facing a severe siege with nothing coming in and no one able to leave, all basic human necessities are finished in the neighborhood, the people are dying of hunger and thirst before dying of the rockets pounding their homes.

Dr Mohamad in the field hospital with 2 martyrs by his side:

A limbless dead woman
Remains of a family

Danny Abduldayem Baba Amr Field Hospital 8 2 2012

The destruction caused by the rockets:

Shelling on Baba Amr using multiple-rocket launchers:


Use of anti-aircraft weapons on Baba Amr:

A rocket hits one of the homes in Baba Amr:

A young girl dies as she slept in her house as a rocket hits:

An injury in Baba Amr due to a sniper shot:

Baba Amr – from inside one of the emergency medical rooms:

Some more videos:

Sniper shot injury:

Alsabeel neighborhood:

The Syrian regime has committed another massacre in this area by executing 3 families. This includes 8 members of the Terkawi family, 6 members of the Mheeni family and 5 members of the Alzamel family.

4 more people died due to shelling on the neighborhood – 3 men and 1 woman. Only one was identified, his name was Omar Alnasan born in 1939.


The neighborhood witnessed storming of homes today including homes with families inside and those with no one inside. Those empty of people were stolen. The neighborhood witnessed the entry of several tanks and a wide spread of army soldiers and an occupation of the Qibaa mosque along with snipers.

The road where Al-Hikmeh hospital is

Tanks enter the road where Al-Hikmeh hospital is

Al-Arabiya: A doctor sends a plea to the world from the people of Homs

Alkhaldiyeh and Albayada:

Shelling resumed on the neighborhood shaking the buildings and intensifying as time went by. In Alkhaldiyeh, 5 babies were handed to their families after losing their lives in the Alwalid hospital due to the cut of electricity. They were in incubators thus could not survive the cut. The neighborhood witnessed low altitude flying war planes and also storming on ground.


At 3am in the morning the electricity was cut to the area along with water, land lines, mobile lines and internet. The tanks began to enter and vehicles carrying soldiers too. They positioned the tanks on the Zirai’ road in Almadafen Alsharqiya district and in Alowayna district, also on Amereya road. Use of live ammunition was reported and heavy gunfire and explosions – also gunfire with bullets leaving a yellow effect were witnessed from behind Alqalaa in the eastern direction. As the morning came about there were large enforcements of army soldiers and shabeeha [Assad funded thugs] along with new stop-and-search checkpoints that stopped any pedestrians and asked for their ID cards. The intention was to block the fields from the rest of the city – this was reported at around 10am.

These checkpoints continued to function until around 2pm and during this time 3 fields were stormed and a car was set on fire and 2 motorbikes on fire too. The Jamarek checkpoint shot onto a motorbike leading to the injury of the man, they then moved towards him and beat him and arrested him whilst injured. 2 more were reported arrested today and in total 12 were arrested in the Amareya area today.

Photo showing the presence and spread of army:

Storming of fields – Tadmur:

A massacre in Wadi Alarab:

Injuries in Wadi Alarab after shelling:

Martyr Abdullah Almheini killed in the massacre today

Martyr Omar Alskaaf

Some martyrs from the massacre in Wadi Alarab

Massacre in Wadi Alarab

A second massacre in Wadi Alarab

One of the shells that pounded Wadi Alarab leading to a mssacre

Mortar shells on homes in Wadi Alarab


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