I’m sorry Hama..Please forgive me

Yesterday marked 30 years since the Hama Massacre in 1982.

Did you know over 30000 people were massacred by the Syrian regime and over 100000 fled their homes….and no one was ever tried?

Thanks to the current Syrian revolution, the Hama massacre is being remembered for the first time in 30 years in the media, human rights organisations, protests and even politicians..

Today, Friday 3rd February was named “Sorry Hama, please forgive us” in Syria.

Over 30000 were murdered by the Assad family in the worst of ways in 1982. Piles of bodies were collected and burnt. Hamas roads today were built over layers of dead bodies decades ago. No one was tried. My aunts husbands family were affected by the massacre 30 years ago. They watched the male members of the family be lined up and shot dead and piled in the front garden. For days they could not step out of the house to get the bodies due to the bombing and shooting. Children were murdered in front of their parents then wives raped before their husbands and then male members slaughtered. Hama was left a city with the smell of smoke and dead bodies.

Other areas such as Aleppo, Jisr Alshughoor and also Homs suffered massacres in 1982 with mass graves still being discovered till today.

The regime used the excuse it was killing “Muslim Brotherhood” however my family and most of those who were affected had nothing to do with this group. The fact the regime could justify murder because it was targeting a certain group is beyond disgusting, exactly like today’s events.

The main mastermind Rifat Al-Assad, behind this massacre, owns restaurants you eat at in Europe, he owns dozens of homes in Europe and is a millionaire after stealing money, including my families money. He has been protected and given a safe home by the west, as they ignored the blood on his hands.

Reminds me of today’s situation…The son takes after his father, as Bashar Al-Assad improves by committing massacres across the whole of Syria, not just a few areas.

Will we in 30 years time tell our children “oh, 30 years ago there was a massacre in Syria, but no one was tried” ? Will we tell our children “Bashar Al-Assad, mastermind of the 2011/2012 massacres, is being provided with a safe home in the west” ?

I can’t imagine letting thousands more dead Syrians down…especially not in such a technologically-improved modern era…we have no excuse.

But who knows…

I’m sorry Hama, please forgive me…I promise we won’t let you down this time.

R x

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