The latest family massacre in Karam Alzaytoon – found on 30/01/2012

The entire story detailing the latest family massacre in Karam Alzaytoon – 30/01/2012

By the local co-ordination committee of Karam Alzaytoon:

Homs: Karam Alzaytoon: What took place today is as follows, upon hearing a family had been killed [entirely] a young man took it upon himself to go and speak to the checkpoint to allow them to enter the road in order to observe what took place. This road is facing the Nazheen checkpoint which is known to be extremely difficult in terms of passing through.

Surprisingly the checkpoint did agree and so this young man along with 3 others and a car entered and moved towards the home. They found the door completely removed and the smell of dead bodies had filled the rooms, only to enter and come face to face with the horrific massacre.

They helped one another in taking the bodies and placing them in the car in order to bury them, out of respect after such a brutal ending to their life.

However, upon their return the checkpoint arrested every single alive and dead person there, the men and the dead bodies.

The names we received so far of the bodies are:

We still do not know what has happened to the young men arrested as they brought the bodies out.


In the evening it became clear the family was present in the Alwatani hospital thus family members went along to collect the bodies. However, as expected, they were not allowed until they, under force, signed papers confirming they will not show the bodies to any media outlet at all and they were made to sign the bodies were killed by a terrorist group.

Again we emphasise we still know nothing about the men who were arrested for trying to bring the bodies out.

The video of the family:

Contact [Arabic only] Skype: karmnat3

One thought on “The latest family massacre in Karam Alzaytoon – found on 30/01/2012

  1. I am so sorry to learn this family has been murdered and so sad to see their bodies laid out in a row. Four childen under ten years and a mother and father shot while they slept.
    Nothing excuses this.
    Respect for all the brave Syrians who are still alive and struggling to bring change to your country. Thank you for sharing your horiffic news. I just hope we can somehow help you to change your excuse for a Government. I cannot watch any more videos of soldiers laughing while they torture terrified civilians or hear any more reports of doctors and nurses being killed for treating protestors. This has to stop.

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