Small summary of events for Homs today 24/01/2012

In the neighborhood of Bab Tadmor, Avaaz activists reported how security forces and Shabiha attacked a peaceful demonstration yesterday afternoon. They fired rocket-propelled grenades, which completely destroyed two residential buildings. The security forces blocked firefighters and ambulances from accessing the area to put out the fire and rescue casualties. Young people attempted to help evacuate people inside the burning buildings. Many who went in trying to save the people became trapped themselves and were killed when one building collapsed on them. The fire continued raging into this morning. Once residents were successful in dampening down the flames they spent the rest of today attempting to recover the bodies, using primitive equipment, amid continued shooting in the area by security forces. [Avaaz]
Footage from Bab Tadmor:

Footage from the massacre on Karam Alzaytoon today after mortar shells pounded homes and bodies were removed from the rubble:

Shelling on Alrifai neighborhood:

LCC update tonight:

The number of martyrs increased to 68 including 5 defected recruits. 47 martyrs in Homs, 18 of them fell from shelling of two buildings in Bab Tadmur neighborhood and 12 others in the shelling at Karm Al-Zayton neighborhood four of them were torn into pieces and couldn’t be identified. 7 martyrs in Hama, 4 in Daraa, 2 in Idlib and one in each of Raqqa, Damascus and Douma in Damascus suburbs.

Heavy gunfire from the machine guns of armored vehicles at Assad roundabout (formerly) in West Mashtal.

A child was injured by security forces’ sniper bullets during an attack on a demonstration at the Dam Road; he’s reported to be in a critical condition. Loud explosions are heard near Badra Courthouse in Darra Mahata where one pedistrain was injured.

A house fell down after being targeted with an artiiliery shell and more than 10 serious injuries were reported in Karm Al-Zayton neighborhood

Security forces are threatening the residents in Bab Tadmur by sending messages with young men, children and men that they will destroy any house where Takbeer (Allah is the greatest) voices or any anti-regime chants even if there where families and children inside.

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