Idlib Massacre 21/01/2012

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Videos below.

Local coordination committee for Idlib:

At 9:30am this morning 3 bombs were heard followed by heavy gunfire near the entry to Rayha road and afterwards it became clear that the security forces bombed a bus that was carrying detainees, but none of the security accompanying the bus were harmed or injured in any way.

Upon transferring these injuries to the national hospital, the protesters went in also to find the dead and identify them, only to enter a forensics room and find around 20 of bodies thrown, mutilated and with signs of torture. They then went and began to break down the doors in the hospital only to find more and more bodies of women, children and young men, old bodies that smelt very bad. 74 bodies have been counted so far.

It was noted they had numbers on them and it is shown in the videos. After this, the security forces stormed the hospital and there were severe clashes between the Assad forces and the free Syrian army and these clashes continue till now.

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