Remembering the forgotten female detainees today.

Today is Friday of the Syria Revolution Detainees.

Women in Syrian prisons are pleading and screaming for your help.They are our responsibility and we are their voice. Not only imprisoned in Syria, but imprisoned in a dungeon inside Syria.

A small example of the torture, a young man was taken in Damascus and tortured from branch to branch, they then took him to one where it was under ground. Several cells, and the screams echoing through the corridors. He said they took him into each one to witness what would become of him. So 1 had a man dying hanged by his hands from the ceiling. 1 had a man dead on an electric chair.

Then came a cell with women. He went in to see a lady with a scarf against a board on the wall, it has metal cuffs and her hands and legs were in them so she was trapped. On the right were 7 other females tied to the wall and what he didn’t notice till later was under them were electric cables.

The lady was asked where her father was, where her brother was and she kept repeating I don’t know. He began to rip her clothes off as the young man telling the story screaming out and tried to jump out of their arms but was held back. The “torturer” laughed and stopped, he then picked up what according to the man was what you use to blow a tire up with air, placed it into the ladies mouth and began pumping her with air, while touching her everywhere.

During all this the 7 women on the side had began screaming for their friend, but the man telling the story said they suddenly went silent, he realised the electric cables under them were turned on to make them quiet.

The young man then threw himself out of their arms onto the “torturers” back, and began hitting him to stop the lady suffocating. He was then taken and tortured very severely until his family paid very vast amounts to get him out.

This is just a small part of what he saw, the torture he faced is beyond explanation.

Women remain in these dungeons being raped, used, tortured, and some die and are never returned to their families. Some women are taken with their children. Some women are released but we never hear from them as they fear being taken again.

The Syrian regime is playing on a dirty dirty string, knowing the sensitivity of women in Syria, it has been using them as a threat and punishment against their fathers, brothers and husbands for months.

To the free women of Syria, we are your voice.

R x

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