Small summary of events for Homs today 24/01/2012

In the neighborhood of Bab Tadmor, Avaaz activists reported how security forces and Shabiha attacked a peaceful demonstration yesterday afternoon. They fired rocket-propelled grenades, which completely destroyed two residential buildings. The security forces blocked firefighters and ambulances from accessing the area to put out the fire and rescue casualties. Young people attempted to help evacuate people inside the burning […]

Idlib Massacre 21/01/2012

Videos below. Local coordination committee for Idlib: At 9:30am this morning 3 bombs were heard followed by heavy gunfire near the entry to Rayha road and afterwards it became clear that the security forces bombed a bus that was carrying detainees, but none of the security accompanying the bus were harmed or injured in any […]

10 months on today

10 months on today – A boy in the picture holds a sign saying “where will I and my siblings sleep, Bashar destroyed my home” Let me put down what has happened so far. So March 15th, though events did take place before, was the start of something unreal, almost impossible in Syria, children were […]